Monday, September 11, 2006

I know… it is boring, but…

Well first of all there are no songs online tonight. This is because German audio engineers are perfectionists. They are ingenious. They are tweaking for hours, they can hear frequencies that even a bat won’t… get! Anyway. So tomorrow night there will be some songs, I hope.

But something chaaaaanged on our superbeautiful internetwebsite! You can now see our club charts on the fanclub page. On the front page you can now read the blahblah of our top fan. This could be your blahblah! And to make it even easier for you to join, we improved the registration process. You can now skip that userpic. If you want to be Mr. Worf. Or if you are one of these people who cannnot manage to upload a picture. For reasons even my evil machinery could not understand.

And please welcome our brand new members Misses Flanger and Dr. (!) Octopussy of the X-Rax(!!!)-Harpoons. Yes… Röntgenschall… Röntgenstrahlen… it is working, IT IS WORKING {$the_sound_of_a_giant_thunderstroke}!!!

Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Reimund Blumen