Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Band Member?

Okay … we tend to drink really hard from time to time. We prefer egg liqueur. If you do it right, it makes you feel really great … and it can make you see things that do not exist. Well, rockstars simply *have* to do this kinda rockstar stuff. But yesterday while we had a secret gig in Melbourne, Australia … dude … something strage must have happened.

A strange guy without mustache entered the stage and rocked like hell. Seems like he vomited onto Herr Stock’s drumset. Exposed his pe*** and stuff. Great. There a pictures of evidence on the internet. I can’t remember anything. He asked to stay in our band but he refused to grow a stache. So Röntgenschall stays a gang of four, sorry Davo.

I’m allright, mommy.
Dr. R. Blumen


Anonymous Davo
I cant grow a moustache.....Im a rabbit!

But I can rock out hard!

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