Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bye bye Lima, Peru, hello Portland, Oregon!

Hello Internet!

Wow … again this was a couple of exciting days for the Schall! Well, first of all we played on for Txitua from Lima, Perú. It was great! And since the internet is a perfect place to share stuff (like Röntgenschall gigs for example), the show was also featured on the Peruan Creative Commons website! Creative Commons? Was ist das? Well … Bassplayer, what are you doing here? And why is it Spanish?

Creative Commons is an organisation that invented the CC-licensing model. To say it short: This may be the future of copyright. For example it enables us to distribute our music and videos on the internet with a certain control on what people can do with our stuff. We say: You might download, share, change, remix, sample our work as long as you always refer to Röntgenschall as and as long as you don’t make money with it! To learn more about that, visit the Creative Commons webiste.

So, our next stop will be in Portland Oregon (USA) for Drew at There are a lot of great bands from Portland … for example the supersweet Shins! Come and join the show at 8pm local time (Portland) and 4am UTC. We are so excited!

Dr. R. Blumen


Blogger Mangus
I-ve seen you on and all I have to say is: *YOU ROCK GUYS* Great performance... great message.. GREAT MUSIC!!
2/08/2007 2:35 AM comment permalink
Blogger Alvaro
Los Felicito me encanto su estilo, saludos desde Venezuela
2/08/2007 3:26 AM comment permalink
Blogger E666
hey, well done, i just sent the complete info to several musicians and music lover friends, keep up the good work.
2/08/2007 5:32 AM comment permalink
Blogger C
Me encanto el aviso, lo replicaré en mi blog!
3/18/2007 7:04 AM comment permalink