Thursday, September 28, 2006

We Are So Death Metal!

letter from afemale fan

Hallo again. Some exciting stuff happening in the Röntgenschall hood. First of all I could cry when I look at our MySpace page. We already have 63 internet friends. Amazing. Many of them added us. Some of them were invited by us. And don’t try to mess around with us at MySpace! We have some friends that will eat you if you do! Such as Cannibal Corpse or Exhumed! I added a small piece of flash magic that plays our songs on our MySpace. It will make you sing and dance!

Then I have to tell you, we are getting many mails from fans now! Some nice people who tell us they like our songs. Some mails from nice girls who are too young to know the stuff they are writing about (but seem to look quite attractive). You can always drop me a line: drblumen (at) rontgenschall (dot) com – we read and answer each single mail and we drink a glass of egg liquer for every single fan. We love you so much!

Your friend,