Friday, April 27, 2007

How Röntgenschall Can Make Your Heart Sing

Hi there, Internet.

Me and the boys have a lot of work right now. I moved to a secret bunker in Eastern Berlin and had to paint my walls (beautiful pink and turquoise). We also moved to a new practicing room. We were also writing and practicing new songs. So, meanwhile my little web monkey started to work on our website’s redesign, Röntgenschall will sure look after their fans. Take Huge Hefner from Venezuela for example.

He featured our stuff on his webzine »Fanzinatra«. We send him some sweet CDs, stickers and badges. He may now call himself »Röntgenschall Propaganda Kid«. Wow.

We love you, Internet.
Dr. R. Blumen of Röntgenschall


Anonymous Anonymous
I know this guy :O
we're good friends

you guys are great

cheers from venezuela!
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