Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Beauty On Flickr

I put some Röntgenschall photos online. Stills from our video clips, four supersexy men playing rock ’n roll. Sweat. Hair. Staches. Zauberkaft. Blitz and donner from electric guitars. Hmmm … ladies … you’ll love it!

Dr. R. Blumen

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some Website Improvement

Hello world.

The doctor threw himself into some computer voodoo and changed some bits and bites along our superbeautiful Röntgenschall website!
Navigation should be improved since our fanclub fits better into the page design.

Yours, Dr. R. 100101Blumen

Monday, October 23, 2006

Need more women with staches!

While surfing around on the awesome worldwide fantastic internet (I was looking for nice hairy ladies), I found something really great: Jenniver Miller (click to read an article from New York Times). A woman who grows a really sweet dark beard – and refuses to shave it. Wow! Makes me rock out … she looks hot like hell! How I whish she was singer in my tiny band!

And to all the women out there who tend to grow a mustache – just do it! We love it! This is four sexy German dudes who will marry four of you! Here’s some further information to encourage you, ladies.

Do you have some nice pictures of women with sexy facial hair? Feel free to post it to the comments!

43 years old, male, great in bed & kitchen:
Dr. R. Blumen

Thursday, October 19, 2006

6-Track EP Soon to Come!

Hallo dear Internet! So, here’s a little update for you. We are currently working on our 6 Track EP release. It will include the five famous songs you can already find on our website PLUS an extra bonus song which will only be available on CD. There will also be a special web-edition of this record that you can download but it comes without the bonus track. It will be completely free and includes all cover artwork. We will sell the CD via our website. Since we don’t plan to make money with our music, it will just cost as much as we will spent on it … so this will be really cheap!

Check back in a few days for the web-edition release!
Dr. Reimund Blumen

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Donnerschall! Israeli Klanggewitter!

We have fans all over the world now. One of them comes from Israel. His name is Magon. He has nice pink hair, shiny teeth and wild eyes. He made an absolutely superfantastisch remix from ”Put Gabi on TV“! It is sweet! It is sour! It makes me smile! And cry! And dance! And shout! And sweat! Magon … lots of hairy kisses from Germany!

Here’s the remix:

Here’s the original song:

Here’s the lyrics:

Put Gabi on TV

Put Gabi on TV
She eats 50 pancakes in a minute
There’s not a pant on earth that fits
Not a chair that wouldn’t split

If that’s 15 minutes worth to see
Put Gabi on TV x2

60 pounds and 6 feet tall
Her golden hair attracts ’em all
Her eyes so big her mind so small

If that’s 15 minutes worth to see
Put Heidi on TV x2

They laugh, they cry
They live, they die
They laugh, they cry
They live and they die by my
By my remote

Put berti on tv
He was a child so calm and modest
Always busy always honest
His mother lost him in the forrest

If that’s 15 minutes worth to see
Put Berti on TV x2


His hair so dark his smile so bright
Jump in his Porsche for a ride
He loves at least two girls each night
If that’s 15 minutes worth to see
Put Schorschi on TV


Dr. Blumen

Friday, October 13, 2006

Dr. Blumen Short Interview

Ja! That’s me, driving around in a car and telling the kids some important facts about life as a rock ’n roll star and stuff. Unfortunately, the compression is bad. And since I was really high on several self-developed chemicals (to control my dangerous aggression), don’t expect too much essential information from this video. After all it’s crap. I just put it online because I think I look really handsome while driving the car.

Your beauty,
Dr. Reimund Blumen

Friday, October 06, 2006

Herr Stock Action Toy

This is the last Röntgenschall action toy. It’s Herr Stock. And he comes with his complete drumset. Wow. Now you can put your favorite band on your desktop!

Here’s all the links:

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Yes boys and girls! Here’s another Röntgenschall action toy to save your Sunday afternoon! It’s Siegfried! Would be cool to see you posing with your Röntgenschall paper buddy! Just send a picture to drblumen {at} rontgenschall {dot} com!