Saturday, December 23, 2006

Very Merry Christmas from Dr. Blumen and the Schall

Hallo Internet. I have a christmassy feeling I’d love to share with you. So I recorded an old German Volkslied we use to sing on Christmas. Some deers with wings helped me out on piano and some naked angels (with staches) played strings – I bet you will get this Christmas-feeling, too!

Play it:

Dr. R. Blumen of Röntgenschall

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Band Member?

Okay … we tend to drink really hard from time to time. We prefer egg liqueur. If you do it right, it makes you feel really great … and it can make you see things that do not exist. Well, rockstars simply *have* to do this kinda rockstar stuff. But yesterday while we had a secret gig in Melbourne, Australia … dude … something strage must have happened.

A strange guy without mustache entered the stage and rocked like hell. Seems like he vomited onto Herr Stock’s drumset. Exposed his pe*** and stuff. Great. There a pictures of evidence on the internet. I can’t remember anything. He asked to stay in our band but he refused to grow a stache. So Röntgenschall stays a gang of four, sorry Davo.

I’m allright, mommy.
Dr. R. Blumen

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Our beautiful fans

So … our online-tour is so soon to come. It’s getting more and more exiting around our fanclub. And I must say we have wunderschöne beautiful and talented fans. Such as Beck Wheeler, who makes really cool art stuff like rabbits with staches and German names. Perfect. Don't miss her website!

Dr. R. Blumen

Monday, December 18, 2006

What Dr. Blumen wants from Santa this year

Wow! Awesomeness … a mustache with a mustache! Found it over at This is so damn sweet … pleeeeease Santa … if you read this blog, put a »Son of Mustachio« under my Christmas tree!

Suffering from anticipation:
Dr. R. Blumen

Monday, December 11, 2006

Pising Sex Internet Crime

It is absolutely unbelievable! Röntgenschall is now featured by a quality-content weblog about internet crime. Look! They found the video with me, beating the shit out of some stranger at the pub. The internet is watching us! And there is another high quality website about »Pising Sex« and similar erotic content, they must be fans of Röntgenschall, too! They pretty much put Röntgenschall in a nutshell: »Become a Röntgenschall fan! Let us play on your website or myspace pages! Check out some Röntgenschall music! Put Gabi on TV: Kincky Carmen: .«

Wow. Once again … internet, I love you!
Dr. Blumen