Friday, February 23, 2007

Don't Worry - the Doktor's Allright!

Hallo Dear Internet!

There wasn’t much going on here for a week but don’t worry: we are allright. Just a bit relaxing. The tour was quite exhausting. Right now we are working on our website. To make it even more beautiful. Just for you, my dear Internet. And we will transform our fanclub into a giant propaganda Maschine! It will enable you to spread the word easily for Röntgenschall!

Why should you do so? It's about the idea to entirely promote a band via the internet! What we learn from that evil experiment we call »Röntgenschall« we will share with you in the end! All you guitar crashing, keyboard smashing boys and girls - pull down the garage! Let your music out! You don't need a big record company to spread your beautiful songs!

Lodernde Glut!
Dr. R. Blumen of Röntgenschall

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Last Show: Tonight

Hallo dear Internet!

So tonight this is our last show. It is dedicated to Magon from Israel but we somehow lost contact. Magon, where are you? We decided to publish the show on our blog as long we do not hear from Magon. So Internet … enjoy the last show of the first world tour on the Internet!

Dr. R. Blumen

Friday, February 09, 2007

Next Show for Israel; Press Kit Online

Hallo again, dear Internet!

Wow! The show at was realy great! And it is so cool that we now can say we played at Portland … there are so many cool bands from Portland!

Well, anyway … an Tuesday there wil be the next show for Magon from Israel. We will perform on his MySpace. And perhaps you remember Magon from our blog – he made a awesome remix from »Put Gabi On TV«!

Wow … Germany, Australia, Perú, United States, Israel … that’s really what you can call a world tour! And you can see: it is not necesarry to make a evil big major record company deal to tour the world!

Oh, and we put a press kit online.

Dr. R. Blumen

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bye bye Lima, Peru, hello Portland, Oregon!

Hello Internet!

Wow … again this was a couple of exciting days for the Schall! Well, first of all we played on for Txitua from Lima, Perú. It was great! And since the internet is a perfect place to share stuff (like Röntgenschall gigs for example), the show was also featured on the Peruan Creative Commons website! Creative Commons? Was ist das? Well … Bassplayer, what are you doing here? And why is it Spanish?

Creative Commons is an organisation that invented the CC-licensing model. To say it short: This may be the future of copyright. For example it enables us to distribute our music and videos on the internet with a certain control on what people can do with our stuff. We say: You might download, share, change, remix, sample our work as long as you always refer to Röntgenschall as and as long as you don’t make money with it! To learn more about that, visit the Creative Commons webiste.

So, our next stop will be in Portland Oregon (USA) for Drew at There are a lot of great bands from Portland … for example the supersweet Shins! Come and join the show at 8pm local time (Portland) and 4am UTC. We are so excited!

Dr. R. Blumen

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Röntgenschall featured on Thinsafetypin Podcast

Hallo Internet!

Today a MySpace message dropped out of my evil maschine. It was from Bruce from California, a guy who runs a podcast called »Thinsafetypin«. Really cool concept … just imagine a radio show featuring only artist that licence their music through Creative Commons (like: for free on the internet). You can discover a lot of nice music over there, it’s very well picked stuff! Inspiring!

So Bruce, thank you for featuring Röntgenschall!

You can listen to the cast on iTunes.

Or download the .mp4 file directly.

Dr. R. Blumen

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Download Our Debut EP

Hallo internet.

Wow, this touring is quite exhausting, I can tell you! But I found some spare time to publish our EP ono Jamendo – a platform for discovering and publishing copyright-free music. So you can download & share it via Emule or Bit Torrent. Just have a look at our Jamendo release page. You will also find the link on our website at »songs».

This downloadable release is 100% free and encoded with high quality. But you might want to buy our CD to get the bonus track »Star Wars Kid« – a song about the Star Wars Kid.

Check back for a report about our show at!

Dr. R. Blumen

Second Show: Röntgenschall Down Under

Hallo dear Internet!

Tonight we are performing at That’s down in Australia and it is exclusively made for Beck Wheeler. Do you remember Beck’s mate Davo? Well … we wanted him to rock that show with us so he came over to Germany … but he wasn’t prepared for egg liquer …

Next Tour Dates:

Tuesday, 6th of February
third show at for Txitua
from Lima, Perú
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thursday, 8th of February
fourth show at
for Drew from Portlan, Oregon, USA
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tuesday, 13th of February
final show at
for Magon from Israel