Thursday, September 28, 2006

We Are So Death Metal!

letter from afemale fan

Hallo again. Some exciting stuff happening in the Röntgenschall hood. First of all I could cry when I look at our MySpace page. We already have 63 internet friends. Amazing. Many of them added us. Some of them were invited by us. And don’t try to mess around with us at MySpace! We have some friends that will eat you if you do! Such as Cannibal Corpse or Exhumed! I added a small piece of flash magic that plays our songs on our MySpace. It will make you sing and dance!

Then I have to tell you, we are getting many mails from fans now! Some nice people who tell us they like our songs. Some mails from nice girls who are too young to know the stuff they are writing about (but seem to look quite attractive). You can always drop me a line: drblumen (at) rontgenschall (dot) com – we read and answer each single mail and we drink a glass of egg liquer for every single fan. We love you so much!

Your friend,

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Röntgenschall On German MTV!

Some exciting news just swashbuckled into my email inbox: MTV Germany nominated us for their Web Awards. Wow! This is our chance to meet stupid VJs we hate or getting tons of teenage girl’s underwear! So dear internet… let’s get Röntgenschall on MTV! And then… let’s MTV get off the air. Vote here!

Get Out Your Scissors Kids: Another Röntgenschall Action Toy!

Hallo Internet. Due to the overwhelming feedback to the Röntgenschall Paper Action Toys, I am here to release another one: Dr. Blumen of Röntgenschall (right click to save). It’s tiny but it’s me! Cut it, glue it, love it!

Onkel Reimund

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kincky Carmen

kincky carmen

This is the last song from our EP ”Hot & Wunderbar“. We will release it soon, 100% free for download on our website. Dance!

Dr. Blumen

Röntgenschall Paper Action Toy

download bassplayer paper action toy

I spent some days in my laboratory. Searching for a way to duplicate myself. Difficult. Bad headache. Well… had some… results. Sort of. My evil machine was able to design detailed construction plans that enable you to build Siegfried, Herr Stock, Bassplayer and me… from paper! I still have to make some little improvements. Today you get Bassplayer. Soon you will be able to build the whole band from paper! If thousands of millions of people will do… we will… take over the internet! It is working… IT IS WORKING!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blue Song of Death!

Hello internet! I was sleeping for a few days because it had to relax my brain. This computer stuff makes me mad. Do you know this blue screen that pops up when your PC is totally crashing? I cannot help myself when this appears… I always… must… destroy THE GODDAMMMN CMPPTTRRR! Some people react like me. Other people simply cry. But now we all have another choice of what we can do… we can sing! Sing the Blue Song of Death!

Dr. Blumen

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sing along!!! Songs online!!!

evil machine

Look internet… look! This evil machine was used by the German audio engineers who worked on our shitty recordings! Some little mice had to die at the laboratory… some monkeys had to get exposed to high voltage… . We are sorry for that. But anyway… enjoy the songs, internet!!!

Lalalalove you!
Dr. Blumen

Monday, September 11, 2006

I know… it is boring, but…

Well first of all there are no songs online tonight. This is because German audio engineers are perfectionists. They are ingenious. They are tweaking for hours, they can hear frequencies that even a bat won’t… get! Anyway. So tomorrow night there will be some songs, I hope.

But something chaaaaanged on our superbeautiful internetwebsite! You can now see our club charts on the fanclub page. On the front page you can now read the blahblah of our top fan. This could be your blahblah! And to make it even easier for you to join, we improved the registration process. You can now skip that userpic. If you want to be Mr. Worf. Or if you are one of these people who cannnot manage to upload a picture. For reasons even my evil machinery could not understand.

And please welcome our brand new members Misses Flanger and Dr. (!) Octopussy of the X-Rax(!!!)-Harpoons. Yes… Röntgenschall… Röntgenstrahlen… it is working, IT IS WORKING {$the_sound_of_a_giant_thunderstroke}!!!

Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Reimund Blumen

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tom is Our Friend: Röntgenschall on MySpace


We made a beautiful page on ugly MySpace. This sounds too easy… I can tell you… you need ages to do so and you have to be a computerbrain to savvy the code and throw all that ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly MySpace design over board! Waaahhh! Aaarrgh! But how nice: Soon after joining, we immediately found a new friend! Welcome Tom! Be our fan!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Yet Another New Teaser Online!

video stills

Click here to watch it! Jaaaa… we tease you so much, I can almost feel how much you are teased about Röntgenschall! And I can read it: I got a lot of emails, people ask me the same question every time: ”When will there be some songs to download on your internetwebsite?“ Well… we made really crapppy recordings. We sound like evil cookiemonsters with electric guitars. But fortunately we have some good friends who are audio spezialisten geeks. They will even make your answering machine recordings sound like they were blasting from a billion watt stereo! These guys send me a message from their secret laboratory from the top of the Harz mountains: ”Will make it ’till Tuesday, Sir!“ So check our website on Tuesday night…

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Again… New Stuff on YouTube

video stills

Well… I called this blog (the) Daily Schall. Don’t take it too literal. But anyway… there are new clips of Röntgenschall beauty on YouTube! Look what our bassplayer is doing the whole lonesome day. Watch my brother Siegfried doing a seance (woooaahhh… really spooky). Herr Stock gets his daily workout. And finally… well… I kinda lost control. Again. Some new stuff tomorrow.

We love you, Internet.
Dr. Reimund Blumen